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Denn einerseits läßt sich Inszenierung durchaus als Schein, Simulation, Simulakrum begreifen. Es handelt sich bei ihr jedoch um einen Schein, eine Simulation, ein Simulakrum, die allein fähig sind, Sein, Wahrheit, Authentizität zur Erscheinung zu bringen. Nur in und durch Inszenierung vermögen sie uns gegenwärtig zu werden.
Erika Fischer-Lichte: Inszenierung und Theatralität. In: Willems, Herbert/Jurga, Martin (Hrsg.): Inszenierungsgesellschaft. Opladen 1998, S. 81 - 90, hier: S. 88. (via walter-benjamin-bluemchen)


One of the best adverts I’ve seen in quite a while.

Ever heard of ‘27 club’? The name for the big group of famous musicians dying at age 27?




For example:

Kurt Cobain

Jimi Hendrix

Jim Morrison

Janis Joplin

Robert Johnson

Gerard Way was 27 when he hit rock bottom and almost killed himself, summer of 2004.

oh my god fucking omg i cannot

i can honestly say that i miss Kurt so much everyday

<p>you deserve cake</p>


Yes, now bring me some! :)



apparently in irish meet ups every ignores each other and only get friendly once they’re drunk

~charm of the irish~

Oddly the exact same thing happens at Newcastle meetups

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Supremes- Where did our love go



No, actually, in a rape culture, it’s NOT 100% effective in preventing pregnancy, so shut the fuck up.



1) Republicans not only want to reduce women’s access to abortion care, they’re actually trying to redefine rape. After a major backlash, they promised to stop. But they haven’t.

2) A state legislator in Georgia wants to change the legal term for victims of rape, stalking, and domestic…

This is relevant and I give you all permission to be enraged and to go out and do something about these attacks on women’s rights.

When people use my things without asking:
I enjoy being different.
<p>1 What are your plans for Australia Day?<br/>
2. Fav board game?<br/>
3. Most exspensive piece of clothing youve bought<br/>
4. Did you ever see the movie Firecracker? Opinions?<br/>
5. Bow ties or normal ties?</p>


1 - I might head down to the epsy in St. Kilda. Drink up and count down Triple J’s hottest 100.. I’m incredibly hungover though. Big night out last night. So I’ll see how I feel.

2 - Absolutely love scrabble if that counts. Always fun and sit around drinking and using word power :P

3 - No clue. I really don’t buy expensive stuff… I’m an easy to accommodate for, t shirt and jeans kinda guy :P I’m sure I have a few $100+ shirts, but nothing over the top.

4 - I did… I didn’t mind it, wouldn’t rush back to watch it again though. Mike isn’t really an amazing actor, but playing an abusive drunk is always fun :P It got quite high acclaim, but it just didn’t THRILL me…

5 - Normal. Skinny ties usually.


These were the first words that came to my mind after hearing about the terrible bus accident in Nowe Miasto nad Pilicą. 18 people were killed. In such situation I just can’t help asking myself a question: why life is so full of contradictions?. I celebrate my birthday and someone else’s never…

Sometimes I’m terrified of my heart; of its constant hunger for whatever it is it wants. The way it stops and starts.

E.A. Poe

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ohai! this is Jae (seo-tae-ny)


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